What do I do ?
Sports Massage / injury treatment
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Joint Mobilisation & Manipulation
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Kinesiology Taping
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Are you an MMA fighter ?
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All treaments are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

 Any of the treatment modalities listed above can be used during your treatment and are often combine with one another in order to maximise the impact of the treatment.


 All designed to get you pain free and to keep it that way !

Where & How Much ?

Nordic Balance

House Visits

If you are unable to physically come too the clinic or if you would rather get treatment in the comfort of your own own, feel free to contact me HERE.

(the cost may vary depending on location/day/time.)

All treatments are subject to a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Payment will be charged in full if policy isn't respected

Nordic balance

63 Abbeville road


from £70

Luke Worthington
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach.

  • Former Premiership Rugby Player.

  • GB Rowing (British Championship)

  • World Endurance Rowing record holder

What people say
Lawrence Price
  • Personal Trainer

  • Former Semi-pro Welsh Rubgy player

Richard Harris
  • Clapham Ultimate Frisbee captain

  • Multiple National and European Champion

Liam Collins
  • Former GB Bobsleigh Team

  • World 2nd best 4 x 400 m (European Masters in 2014)

  • Ranking (worldwide)

 3rd in the 400 m hurdles 

1st in the 60 m hurdle sprint

Nathan Greyson
  • Pro MMA Fighter

  • Cage Warrior World Champion

  • Bellator Fighter

Grace Elizabeth
  • Nu Kickboxing record 3-1-1

  • Current SBMMA K1 female champion 

  •  2017 English Open Champion & Open weight silver medalist

Get in touch

079 0623 3891

Affiliated with
Wildcat Fitness
Clapham ultimate
Iceni ultimate
Carlson gracie lndon
The Jensen Method
Great Britain Ultimate
Grace elizabeth Personal training

I am a French Sports Therapist who's passion for Sports pushed me to study in the USA in order to get the best education possible.


For the last couple of years I've been involved in Professional and amateur sports.

I had the chance to work on several international sporting events (the Boston / London / Brighton Marathons) and travelling around Europe working on Cycling events / training camps..etc.


To this day, I still work with strong amateur and professional athletes (Sheffield Wednesday, WASPS, Tour de France winners, All Blacks Player,Paralympic athlete, GB Sport Teams, Pro MMA fighters, Boxers, BJJ Fighters, Ironmen...). 

I also focus on rehabilitation after an injury, Pre and Post surgery training and Rehab, balance and strength foundation training.


When i am not working, you will probably find me on my mountain bike, playing Ultimate Frisbee, Boxing, or training for some kind of competition or tournament.

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Loic, Sports Therapist



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