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How often do you think about your feet ?

Don't overlook them, they are important

Your whole body rests on your feet. It is literally the base on which your body moves. Weakness in your feet can have a general negative impact on the whole body.

Let's picture your dream house. On the beach, in the mountain, in a skyscraper, wherever you want your dream house to be.

Picture the beautiful walls, and the large windows letting the sun into your living room with your giant TV and sound system.

If the foundations of that house aren't strong and balanced, how long will it take until the whole house comes crumbling down ?

You probably will first see some cracks in the wall, some imbalance in the house structure, weird things happening left and right....

Same things with your body. if you have strong feet, a strong foundation, your body (house) is more likely to stay up right, balanced and strong.

The foot is an INCREDIBLE structure which naturally absorbs shock, distributes it smoothly and create force strong enough to propel you forward, make you jump, change direction...

But this amazing structure is not bulletproof and if you modify the position / balance of your feet, you will modify the WHOLE BODY.

There is an example of how incorrect foot position can and will influence the whole body.

Some more serious foot issues may need insoles made by professionals in order to help the foot position.

But for most of us, who do not need any insoles but who still have foot issue, this will help you out.

Think about it. Bad shoes, weak feet can have a overall impact on the whole body.

get them shoes off

In order to get your foot stronger (which is what this post is all about, feet exercises) we need to start by taking your shoes off, and walk around the house, garden, park, beach, drive way....... use your feet in the most natural way possible.

Go up the stairs, down the stairs, walk on different surfaces.....have fun with it.

Feet are greatly populated with nerves ending which are sensitive to pressure, temperature, equilibrium which are all there to help you walk on your bare-feet correctly.

This what a foot in a high heel looks like.

I know a girl gotta look good, but you cannot use your feet correctly and stay tension / pain free all day when you feet are encapsulated in these type of shoes.

Static foot exercise

Very simple way to get some strength in the foot by activating the intrinsic foot muscles (muscles within the foot which moves the foot).

Towel crunching

Place a towel on the floor, and start crunching it with your toes. Keep your heel on the ground.

See on the picture below, the foot arch is really contracting as you are flexing your toes.


you can perform that very simple exercise on the couch, watching TV, brushing your teeth, as a warm up, as an activation exercise before you do squats or deadlift for example.

The conclusion of this blog post is pretty simple :

Do not overlook your feet.

Take care of them, work them out, don't use shoes, pick things up with them, have fun.


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