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Is it painfull ?


YES and NO.

 "No pain, No gain" is a big misconception in Manual Therapy. Treatments don't have to be sore to be effective. Hurting a patient during a treatment is the complete opposite of the desire effect of a Sports Massage.

It  can  sometines, be unconfortable but we always work within the "pain Threshold" of our patients.

Should i get regular treament ?



Regular treament is extremely beneficial. If you become a regular patient, you will notice great improvement to your health and your performance (increase joint mobility, reduce muscle soreness, improved circulation...). If you only want a one off treatment, You are still welcome.

What are the benefits of treatment for athletes ?


Faster recovery,desactivates trigger points, fewer injuries, restored flexibilty, increased range of motion, injury treatment...the list is endless.

If you are fully dedicated to your sport(s), regular treament should be a part of your routine.

I don't do any sports, can i still get a sports massage ?


YES. It is for everyone.

Whether you are a desk worker with tight shoulders, a busy mum with low back pain, a weekend warrior with sore legs, Sports Massage will be beneficial.

Can I get Treatment if I am pregnant ?


YES, and you should.

Pregnancy creates a lot of tension througout the body and regular treatment will help you with muscle pain, loss of motion, water retention, sore joints...

Where are you based ?


See the location tab

I feel a bit sick, should i still come to my appointment ?


Probably NOT.

Sports Massage increases circulation so there are a good chance that i might spred the "infection" around your body. It is safer to reschedule your treatment if you feel under the weather.

How much do you charge ?


See the Price list tab

Is acupuncture safe ?


Acupuncture is one of the safest medical treatments, both conventional and complementary, on offer in the UK (Is acupuncture safe ?, British Acupuncture Council)

There are very few side effects from acupuncture . Any minor side effects that do occur, such as dizziness or bruising around needle points, are mild and self-correcting.

Loic is a fully qualified Medical Acupuncturist , therefore, he knows how to safely practice Medical acupuncture.

Do you do home visits ?


See the home visits tab

What are the benefits of sports massage ?


Improves Tissue Elasticity, Break down scar tissue, Improves Circulation, Pain Reduction, Increases Flexibility, Enhance Sports Performance, Stress relief, Helps to Prevent Injuries..


There is a long list of benefits that are associated with Sports Massage. Everybody can receive.

Is it painfull
Should i get regular treatment
Benefits for athletes
i don't do any sports, can i still get a tx
Where are you based ?
is acupuncture safe ?
how much do you charge ?
Home visits
Benefits of massage
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